Ambient Weather TX-3102 7-Channel Soil Moisture and Thermometer, 16-Point Resolution, for WS-8482, WS-8478A and WS-8480 Smart Weather Station

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Important Note before you order: The TX-3107 is only compatible with the WS-8482 and WS-8478A Weather Stations (see 'May you also like' below). It is not compatible with the WS-8478.

The 7-channel soil temperature and moisture are perfect for amateur gardeners that wish to remotely monitor their lawn or garden, and send alerts when the soil is too wet or too dry.

The stainless sensor probe wirelessly sends the data to the WS-8482 Console (sold separately).

The seven channel selectable switch allows you to monitor soil temperature and moisture from seven different locations.

Monitor the soil temperature and moistiure remotely at

The Ambient Weather Network is the most user friendly design for monitoring your data across different platforms. Quickly view detailed information with our animated expandable modules.

The TX-3102 is an additional sensor for the Ambient Weather WS-8482 Wireless Internet Remote Monitoring Weather Station. It requires the console and is not a stand alone product. It does not work with any other Ambient Weather models.

Weather Features

  • Soil Moisture

  • Soil Temperature


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