Ambient Weather WEATHERMOUNT-STAINLESS Stainless Steel Weather Mount

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The stainless steel weather mount is the most flexible and rugged weather station mount we offer. Ideal for salt spray (coastal) environments, the WEATHERMOUNT-STAINLESS works with all weather stations (except Rainwise, see Monomount), including the new Davis Instruments Vantage Vue.

The WeatherMount Stainless Weather Station Mount is a flexible mounting alternative to a mounting pole or tripod. The mounting plate provides a fast and easy installation, and can be mounted on a pitched surface, flat roof or vertical surface, such as a gable.

The WeatherMount is constructed of stainless steel. This mounting system is strong, durable and stable. The slender design is simple, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. The base can be adjusted to mount on any pitched roof. The Stainless Weather Station Mount is guaranteed not to rust in any environment.

The small base footprint (7" x 5") allows four 1-5/8" lag screws (included w/ Tar Pads) to be easily mounted at the apex of your gable. The mount angles 11.5" in the horizontal direction to allow clearance of eave or roof overhangs.

The total height of the WeatherMount and mast is approximately 50". The pole diameter is 1.75".

Add additional 35" masts (32" total additional height due to swedge insertion) to increase the height (see the "May we also suggest" section below).

The weather station pictured is not included.

Note: With the Ambient Weather Observer Series, you must use the mast to mast mounting solution.

Product Support Questions

If you are having trouble inserting your Weathermount/Mounting poles into one another you may need to remove some metal burrs/ shavings. You will need a metal file, as shown in the video, to remove any burrs from both the inside and outside of the pole opening.

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