Personal Weather Station Mounting Guidelines and Recommendations

Personal Weather Station Mounting Guidelines and Recommendations

One of the first decisions you make as a new owner of a weather station is where to mount the array outside. Before installing your weather station in the permanent location, we recommend operating the weather station for one week in a temporary location with easy access. This will allow you to check out all the functions, ensure proper operation and familiarize yourself with the weather station and calibration procedures.

Site Survey

Perform a site survey before installing the weather station. Consider the following:

  1. You must clean the rain gauge every few months and change the batteries every 2-3 years. Provide easy access to the weather station.
  2. Avoid radiant heat transfer from buildings and structures. In general, install the sensor array at least 5’ from any building, structure, ground, or roof top.
  3. Avoid wind and rain obstructions. The rule of thumb is to install the sensor array at least four times the distance of the height of the tallest obstruction. For example, if the building is 20' tall and the mounting pole is 6' tall, install the sensor array 4 x (20 – 6)' = 56' away.
  4. Mount the sensor array in direct sunlight for accurate temperature readings.
  5. Installing the weather station over sprinkler systems or other unnatural vegetation may affect temperature and humidity readings. We suggest mounting the sensor array over natural vegetation.
  6. Wireless Range. Radio communication between receiver and transmitter in an open field can reach up to 330 feet, providing there are no interfering obstacles such as buildings, trees, vehicles, and high voltage lines. Wireless signals will not penetrate metal buildings. Under most conditions, the maximum wireless range is 100’.
  7. Radio Interference. Computers, radios, televisions, and other sources can interfere with radio communications between the sensor array and console. Please take this into consideration when choosing console or mounting locations. Make sure your display console is at least five feet away from any electronic device to avoid interference.

Once your site is selected, it's a good time to choose the correct weather station mounting accessories.