Ambient Weather Support

Wireless Signal Is Intermittent Or Not Working

Simply moving your display console (or receiver) to a different location may easily fix the communication issue.

We recommend the following best practices for trouble free wireless communication.

  1. Fresh Batteries. If applicable, make sure there are fresh batteries in both the console and remote. Remember to power up the console last when changing batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. They have a lower voltage and lower range than non-rechargeable batteries.
  2. Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). Keep the console several feet away from computers, TVs and electronic cables.
  3. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). If you have other 433/915 MHz devices and communication is intermittent, try turning off these other devices for troubleshooting purposes. You may need to relocate the transmitters or receivers to avoid intermittent communication.
  4. Cold Weather. If the temperature is below < 10 degF, use e2 energizer batteries (Lithium), available in most stores batteries are sold (blue in color). Alkaline and NMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries do not operate below 10 degF.
  5. Sensor orientation.  To insure proper communication, mount the remote sensor on a vertical surface, such as a wall.  Do not lay the sensor flat if this is a small remote sensor.
  6. Line of Sight Rating. This device is rated at 300 feet line of sight (no interference, barriers or walls) but typically you will get 100 feet maximum under most real-world installations, which include passing through barriers or walls.
  7. Metal Barriers. Radio frequency will not pass through metal barriers such as aluminum siding. If you have metal siding, align the remote and console through a window to get a clear line of sight.
  8. Defective Sensor. It is possible the remote sensor is defective. If you have not done so already, to replace under one year warranty, please visit

The following is a table of reception loss vs. the transmission medium. Each “wall” or obstruction decreases the transmission range by the factor shown below.

Medium RF Signal Strength Reduction
Glass (untreated) 5-15%
Plastics 10-15%
Wood 10-40%
Brick 10-40%
Concrete 40-80%
Metal 90-100%