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What Are The Differences Between The WS-2000 And WS-2902A?

  1. The WS-2000 is a newer model but shares the same sensor array as the WS-2902A.
  2. The WS-2000 supports up to 8 additional thermo-hygrometers:
  3. The WS-2000 has a separate indoor thermo-hygrometer-barometer. The WS-2902A contains these sensors inside the console.
  4. The WS-2000 has a nicer display console (TFT) vs. the WS-2902 (Color Film LCD), which has a limited viewing angle.
  5. The WS-2000 is easier to set up with WiFi and the Internet, because the settings are entered on the console and not from an app.
  6. Both weather stations support WiFi and Internet cloud services, including