Ambient Weather Support

Do Ambient Weather Stations Support CWOP Or APRS?

Yes and No…..

Not directly, not at the moment. We have developed an API:


which allow programmers to create apps, including uploading to CWOP.

The API documentation is available here:

As you and others create apps, they are posted at our community listing:


We have also created a website to assist in uploading data to CWOP via our API, which is

You will need to create an account first.

You will need to create an API key first using the guide below.

How Do I Generate An API Key For Third Party Applications?

Then you can add your API Key to send data from The Ambient Weather Network to CWOP.

Also, you can purchase our Weatherbridge ( and OBSERVERIP ( ) which together will report to CWOP, APRS and 30 other Weather Networks.