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Wind Speed Reads Low, Osprey Series.

  • The gust is the maximum wind speed in the 16 second update period (sampled once per second), whereas the wind speed is the 16 sample average. It is difficult to “perceive” an average wind speed.
  • We recommend you switch the display console to gust. It will typically read 1.5 to 2.5 x higher, and agrees better with human perception and what you see outside. To switch the display to gust, press the WIND button.
  • View the max gust of the day (or since the last reset, based on your reset settings). Press the MAX/MIN button once and the max values will be displayed. Next, press the WIND button to see the max gust of the day (or since the last reset):

  • Does this value agree with your perception or other stations in the area?
  • What is displayed on is only sampled once every minute and saved to graphs and data once every 4-5 minutes. The gust will likely be missed at this sample rate.
  • does record the maximum gust of the day in the Wind Speed Tile. The example below shows a peak daily wind gust of 15.0 mph:
  • Unless your cups stop abruptly and do not coast down, there is likely nothing wrong with your weather station.
  • You can send us an email with installation images, or post them on our Ambient Weather Network User Group on Facebook: and get a second opinion from thousands of users.
  • If it is extremely cold (below freezing), it is possible that the wind gauge has frozen up. This is common to all weather stations with moving parts.You can spray the top of the unit with teflon snow and ice repellent like this: this is not 100% effective.
  • We have a detailed discussion here:

Wind Speed or Wind Gust Appears to Read Low.