Ambient Weather Support

Not Connecting To Wifi With Mesh Network

Please follow the recommended steps when using a Mesh Network:

  1. Please make sure firmware is updated. Orbi: , eero:– , Google:
  2. On the Mesh Network (examples,  Orbi, eero or Google), temporarily turn off all of the secondary nodes, leaving only the primary node (the node connected to the Internet) powered up.If you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), temporarily turn this off.
  3. Make sure 2.4GHz SSID and the 5GHz SSID are different names
  4. Temporarily disable 5GHz network while going through setup
  5. Consoles will not connect to Guest accounts
  6. Consoles will not connect to Hidden SSID


Reset your Network then connect to wifi: Perform A Network Reset


Make sure the consoles firmware is up to date:

WS-1000-WiFi, WS-1001-WiFi, WS-1002-WiFi: How Do I Update The Console Firmware, Observer Series ?

WS-2000: How Do I Update Firmware, WS-2000/WS-5000?

WS-2902A: How Do I Update Firmware, WS-2902A, WS-2902B, WS-2902C ?

WS-8478&WS-8480:  Ambient Weather WS-8478 Falcon Download Center


**If you are using an ios device(ipad, iphone) and it just shows ‘wifi’ for your networks SSID then you may need to use an android device to get connected.