Ambient Weather Support

I Received A Replacement Array, And It Still Has The Same Problem, Osprey Series

The Osprey series has a super capacitor that holds a lot of energy when there is no solar energy or low batteries. Even if you remove the batteries, the transmitter may still be transmitting.

  1. Bring your old sensor array inside the house or facility. The wind speed, UV and solar radiation will read 0.0.
  2. Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the sensor array for about a minute while covering the solar collector with your hand.
  3. Next, power cycle the display console by removing AC power and batteries (WS-1900, WS-2902 series) or just AC power (WS-2000 series).
  4. If it still appears to pick up the old sensor array (UV, solar radiation and wind speed read zero), physically move the old weather station to a different location away from the house.