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How Is The Wind Speed And Wind Gust Calculated In The WS-2902 Weather Station?

The WS-2902 weather station sensor array wirelessly updates wind speed and direction to the console every 16 seconds.

The sensor array updates wind speed and direction once per second and then calculates the 16 sample average (wind speed) and the peak or maximum wind speed in the 16 second update period (wind gust) and passes this to the display console each transmission period.
The resolution of the sensor is about 1.1 mph.  Thus, the wind gust has a resolution of about 1.1 mph.
The wind speed, since it is a 16 sample average, has a resolution of 0.1 mph.
The wind direction is transmitted real time every 16 seconds, and is not processed like the wind speed is.
The wind gust displayed on the console, unless viewing Min/Max, is the Wind Gust for the last 16 second period not for the day