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What Are The Differences Between The WS-1002-WiFi And WS-2902?

The WS-2902 is a newer model and was designed to reduce overall cost, but is equal in accuracy to the WS-1002-WiFi.

  1. The WS-1002-WiFi has a nicer display console (TFT) vs. the WS-2902 (Color Film LCD), which has a limited viewing angle.
  2. The WS-1002-WiFi includes on board archive memory, which can be viewed and downloaded via SD Card (csv format).
  3. The WS-1002-WiFi is easier to set up with WiFi and the Internet, because the settings are entered on the console and not from an app.
  4. The WS-1002-WiFi can communicate with EasyWeatherIP software for PC and Mac. The WS-2902 cannot communicate with software.
  5. Both weather stations support WiFi and Internet cloud services, including