Ambient Weather Support

Wunderground.Com Stopped Updating. AmbientWeather.Net Updates Fine.

  1. Make sure the Station ID and Station Key are entered into the AmbientTool. It can be deleted if the firmware is upgraded.

    Please reference the User Manual here:

    Specifically Section 7.1.
    If you are already connected to WiFi, please advance to Page 38, Figure 32.

    Figure 32 (j) is specifically where you enter your Wunderground Station ID and Station Key.

    DO NOT copy and paste your station key into the app, as it will add a lagging space. Make sure you type it in. Also, it is easy to confuse the lower case letter l, upper case I and the number 1, as well as the number 0 and the letter O.

  2.  If you entered your station ID and station key properly, the problem is likely with Here is their contact information:
     Contact Weather Underground