Ambient Weather Support

How Long Will A Weather Station Last?

In general, when following the regular maintenance schedule in the user manual a user can expect a 3 to 10 year life before fully replacing the sensor array. A weather station’s life expectancy is greatly impacted by it’s environment see examples below:

  1. Coastal, Marsh or Wetland environments. Salt air, salt spray and acidification are the most difficult environments for weather stations to have a long life. The salt air, salt spray and acidification corrode bearings, sensor boards (temperature, humidity, etc.), mounting hardware and other moving parts. Expect a 1-3 year product life span in this type of environment. Ambient Weather's sensors boards are all conformal coated to prevent this corrosion. The nature of digital thermometer and hygrometer sensors relying on electrical resistance of metal changes allows the corrosion to occur more quickly
  2. Long term high humidity environments. Prolonged exposure to high levels of humidity, whether salt, acidic or not, predisposes metal parts to fail prematurely. In a hot and dry environment weather stations are known to last 7-10 years.
  3. Hurricanes and tropical storms can also reduce the life of a weather station.


Ambient Weather’s weather stations carry a one year warranty.