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The RF Signal Quality Antenna Is Fluctuating Or Missing Bars, WS-2902 Series.

If the RF signal quality antenna is fluctuating, losing bars, or missing completely, this means one or more consecutive RF signal packages were lost.

The sensor array updates once per 16 seconds.

The wireless signal strength displays reception quality. If no signal is lost, the signal strength indicator will display 5 bars. If the signal is lost once, four bars are displayed. If the signal is lost twice, three bars are displayed, and so on.

Loss of signal is normal with wireless signals. The most common issue is RF or EMI interference, followed by distance and attenuation due to barriers.  It is considered normal and not a concern, unless the outdoor sensor repeatedly displays dashes (complete loss of signal for 5 minutes).

Here is a general guide on intermittent loss of communication:

Wireless Signal Is Intermittent Or Not Working