Ambient Weather Support

Outdoor Temperature Is Reading High, Low, Or Drifting Out Of Specification.

  1. Make sure the console is showing the outdoor temperature in the outdoor field, and not Dew Point, Heat Index or Wind Chill. Look for the icon above outdoor temperature.Press the [TEMP] button to switch between Outdoor Temperature, Wind Chill (CHILL), Dew Point (DEW) and Heat Index (HEAT).
  2. Replace the batteries. We recommend the following batteries:
    My Rechargeable Batteries No Longer Work. Which Batteries Are Recommended For My Weather Station?
  3. Clean any corrosion around and on the battery terminals.
  4. If the problem persists, the sensor array must be replaced. We have a one year warranty. To replace under warranty, please visit:
  5. If out of warranty, a replacement array can be purchased here: