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WS-2902: Pressing RAIN And ALARM At The Same Time For 5 Seconds Does Not Do Anything. The WiFi Icon Should Flash.

Pressing RAIN And ALARM at the same time for 5 seconds does not do anything. The buttons work when pressed individually.

  1. Make sure the console is plugged into wall power. If it is not plugged in, the console will not connect to WiFi or the Internet.
  2. Make sure you own a WS-2902 and not a  WS-1900. This command does not work on previous versions.
  3. If you own a WS-2902, turn the lights off in the room and turn the console around. Make sure the AC adapter is plugged in.
    If you do not see a blue light, the console WiFi chip is no longer working properly and the console needs replacing.
  4. If the blue light is present, try performing a factory reset on the console:

How Do I Restore Console To Factory Default Or Factory Reset, Osprey Series?


To replace the console under warranty, please visit:

For out of warranty replacements, please visit:

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