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Cannot Find ObserverIP On The Network (IPTools Reports No Devices Found), Or Finds Device, But Does Not Open Connection In Web Browser.

  1. You must be connected to the same Local Area Network.  Make sure both your computer and IP module are connected to the same router. Eliminate any switches.  Make sure the computer is not communicating via WiFi and plugged directly into the same router.
  2. There may be an IP conflict. Press  the RESET pinhole on the back of the IP Module (#9, figure below).
    NOTE: If you cannot open the connection in a web browser, and the IP address of the device ends in, this will resolve the issue.
    Once reset, wait a couple of minutes, relaunch IP Tools to find the new IP address.
  3. Reboot your router.
  4. There may be a firewall setting in Microsoft Windows.Open Windows Firewall by clicking the Start button Picture at the bottom left hand corner of Windows, clicking  Control Panel, clicking  Security Center, and then clicking  Windows Firewall.Click Change Settings and the Exceptions tab, and check all instances of IPSE as an exception to allow the program to communicate through the windows firewall.
  5. Try a third party scan tool. These tools find all of the devices connected to your Local Area Network (LAN).
    Some examples are:
    Windows IP Scan Tool
    Apple IP Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
    Apple IP Scan ToolLinux IP Scan ToolAndroid IP Scan ToolThe example below is for Advanced IP Scanner for Windows. Look for the Manufacturer ASIX ELECTRONICS CORP.  with the MAC matching the label on the bottom of the IP Module:

    Type this IP address into your web browser. For example, type into your favorite browser.
  6. Switch ports on the router. Switch the cable out connected to the router. If the problem persists:
  7. Contact for further assistance.