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User Manual (required):
Download the current User Manual for the IPObserver Module.
ObserverIP User Manual

IP Tools (required):
The IP Scan Tool is required to find the IP address of the ObserverIP Module on your network, so you can program the IP Module with your web browser. It also allows you to update the firmware.
Windows IP Tool (64 bit) Windows IP Tool (32 bit)
* Most computers since 2004 are 64 bit.

Mac IP Tool

Scan Tools:
Alternately, you can download a scan tool to find the ObserverIP on your network. The MAC address is printed on the bottom of the ObserverIP module and is addressable with a scan tool.
Apple IP Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Apple IP Scan Tool

Linux IP Scan Tool

Android IP Scan Tool Weather applications for your computer, phone and tablet

ObserverIP Firmware Updates:

ObserverIP Firmware Download


NOTE**: You must own a PC or Mac to update the firmware. Sorry, Linux products are currently not supported. Ambient Weather will update your ObserverIP at no cost (appropriate shipping charges will apply). Please fill out our Warranty Return form and mention you need the Observerip Firmware updated:

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