Ambient Weather Support

Temperature Or Humidity Does Not Match Between What Is Displayed On The Remote Sensor And What Is Displayed On The Console.

If the temperature or humidity does not match between what is displayed on the remote sensor and what is displayed on the console:

  1. If you own more than one remote sensor:
    The sensor has a channel number displayed on it, next to the temperature. Make sure that that Channel Number displayed on sensor matches the channel number shown on the display. If they do not match, refer to your User Manual on how to switch the channel display.
  2. It is possible the temperature or humidity were adjusted or calibrated unintentionally. Refer to your individual User Manual on how to remove or correct the adjustment from the console.

    Here is an example:

  • Remote sensor reads 70.0
  • Console for the same sensor channel reads 71.2
  • Adjust the console down 1.2 degrees to match 70.0.