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Connecting Your Ambient Weather Station to Amazon Alexa

Connect any of our IFTTT-enabled Ambient Weather Stations to your favorite Amazon Alexa device in just a few easy steps. After completing the steps below, you will have the ability to ask Alexa for things like weather reports, outdoor conditions, indoor conditions, and past weather events.

1. Confirm your station compatibility

First things first, let's confirm your compatibility. The following stations are IFTTT enabled and offer Amazon Alexa compatibility:

Weather Stations Compatible Sensors
WS-2902C WH31E, WH31p, WH31LA PM25, PM25IN, WH32B
WS-2000 WH31E, WH31p, WH31LA, PM25, PM25IN, WH31L, WH32SM, WH32B
WS-5000 WH31E, WH31p, WH31LA, PM25, PM25IN, WH31L, WH32SM, WH32B
WS-50 WH31E, WH31p
ObserverIP WH31E, WH31p, WH31LA PM25, PM25IN, WH32B
WS-8480 TX-3107, TX-3102, TX-3110B
WS-8482 TX-3107, TX-3102, TX-3110B
WS-7078 TX-3110B, TX-3102, TX-3110B
WS-7079 TX-3110B, TX-3102, TX-3107
WS-8478 TX-3110B, TX-3102, TX-3107

If the station you own is not on this list, it does NOT currently work with Amazon Alexa.

To learn more about IFTTT Devices, check out our blog post: IFTTT Basics.

2. Connect Your Station to AmbientWeather.Net.

If your station is already connected to, go ahead and move to Step #3.

If you are not connected, follow the instructions below to get set up. The Amazon Alexa Skill is based on your Ambient Weather Network account data and is REQUIRED before adding the skill to your Alexa.

  1. To connect your station to, you must first link your weather station console to your WiFi Router. Look for the WiFi icon WiFi in the time field of the weather station console. If this icon is on, you are already connected to WiFi. If it is off, please reference these instructions HERE.
  2. Next, launch the console configuration app AWNET AW NET on your mobile device or tablet. The app will pick up the nearby device and display the weather station MAC address in the Device List. Please note: The AWNET app is only a console configuration tool and is not used to view your live data.

    AWNET app Download for Android:

    AWNET app Download for iOS:
  3. Visit and select Create Your Account. Use the MAC address you acquired in the previous step to register your account!

Don't forget to return to your personal dashboard once you've completed setting up Amazon Alexa. offers a customizable dashboard of your conditions and sensors along with a large interactive weather community where you can share your own forecasts and connect with stations in your area.

3. Download the Amazon Alexa Skill

Ambient Weather Amazon Alexa Skill

Sign in to your Amazon account and add the Ambient Weather Skill at no cost.

Download the Ambient Weather Amazon Alexa Skill.

4. Ask Alexa

Once the Ambient Weather Skill has been enabled for Amazon Alexa, you can begin asking questions about your indoor and outdoor weather conditions.

Say: "Alexa, ask Ambient Weather… weather report."

This will provide you with your outdoor weather report. You can ask for your indoor weather report as well by saying, "indoor conditions."

Here are some sample commands:

  • Weather Report
  • Outdoor conditions
  • Indoor conditions
  • Yesterday's weather
  • Conditions for October 15, 2020
  • Conditions for September 2020
  • Conditions for 2020
  • Change default device to {the name of your device}

We hope you enjoy using this new skill from Ambient Weather. Have any questions? Contact us at