Ambient Weather Support

Weather Cameras Powered by Ambient Weather Network

WeatherCam images can be uploaded, viewed, and shared on as well as the Ambient Weather on iOS and Android apps.



As of December 29, 2021, for FTP cameras Ambient now offers time lapse video of the uploaded screen shots with weather data overlay

From the devices panel, select Add WeatherCam.

Next, choose the format for your camera (FTP or URL):

  • FTP: Most network cameras include FTP upload.
  • URL: If you are hosting on another website, provide a URL.

FTP option:
The website automatically generates the servername, username and password. Enter these credentials into your camera’s ftp network settings.

– Some cameras like Foscam may require you enter the server header, rather than
– Select passive mode (PASV), if available.
– The maximum upload interval is one minute. Program an upload interval of 60 seconds or greater.

URL option:
Enter the static URL associated with your camera hosting software. An example for the Nest Camera is referenced below.

Complete Nest Camera Setup

Once the camera image has successfully uploaded to the server, the image will appear next to the WeatherCam credentials.

To make your WeatherCam public, select the checkbox “Allow others to view your weather cam“. It will take up to 48 hours for approval. Only images that point outside and show a portion of the sky will be approved.

Once your WeatherCam is public, it will be displayed on the WeatherCam map: