Ambient Weather Support

Google Home

The Ambient Weather Google Home app provides Ambient Weather personal weather station owners with the ability to get real-time, and past weather information generated by the devices they have set up at

Link your account to get started: say ‘Hey Google, Ambient Weather… weather report.’ This will provide you with your outdoor weather report. You can ask for your indoor weather report as well by saying, ‘ indoor conditions’.

Here are some sample commands:

  • Weather Report
  • Outdoor conditions
  • Indoor conditions
  • Yesterdays weather
  • Conditions for October 15, 2017
  • Conditions for September 2017
  • Conditions for 2016

Link to Google Assistant:

You must download (if you own an iOS device) and run Google Assistant on your mobile device.

Run Google Assistant, and just speak ‘Hey Google, Ambient Weather’ to link your accounts.

iOS users. visit Google Assistant to learn more. Android users, Google Assistant is built in.

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