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How Do I Update The Console Firmware, Observer Series ?

To check your current version of firmware, go to the Factory About| Display from your Display Console (press the tool icon on the display four times, or ):

The firmware in this example is 2.3.1.

The update procedure is as follows:

1. Download the latest zip file (below) to your your computer. Make a note of where you saved this file.

2. Extract the zip file.
3. Copy the extracted folder Update EasyWeather to your MicroSD Card (the SD card must be empty).
4. Power down your display console by removing AC power.
5. Insert the SD Card into the display console.
6. Power up the display console.
7. The console will verify the firmware was updated.

If this process does not work, it usually means the Update EasyWeather is not in the root directory of your MicroSD Card.

Your SD card root directory will look as follows: