Ambient Weather Support

WeatherBridge Stopped Updating AmbientWeather.Net, March 30, 2020

We use Cloudflare for our SSL, and the minimum security they now offer is TLS 1. We’ve requested the WeatherBridge author upgrade the SSL minimum requirements to TLS 1 to prevent any future security vulnerabilities.

Please upgrade to Meteobridge 4.1 to resolve this issue. The simplest way to upgrade your WeatherBridge is power it down by disconnecting the AC adapter, and then re-apply power.

Note: Each WEATHERBRIDGE license comes with 2 years of initial update support. When 2 years have passed and you still want to have access to the most recent updates, this update license gives you additional 2 years access to updates.

If you are unable to upgrade because your upgrade license has expired, please visit:[300915163]=1