Ambient Weather Support

Radio Controlled Clock Daylight Saving Time Or Standard Time Did Not Set.

If the Radio Controlled Clock does not set on your clock or weather station:

  • Make sure Daylight Savings Time (DST) is set properly. All states except Hawaii and Arizona observe Daylight Savings Time. If you observe DST, make sure this setting is turned ON. The default is OFF (except for the RC-8427)
  • Be patient. Wait at least one week. The RCC is a shortwave signal originating near Fort Collins, Colorado, and travels thousands of miles by bouncing off the ionosphere. The signal is better at night due to solar interference during the daytime. The farther you are from Colorado, the weaker the signal. Urban environments can also effect the signal strength.
  • Locate the console or clock at night near a window or outer wall, and away from other radiating sources, like wireless routers or TVs. This will insure the best reception possible.
  • Test and replace the batteries in the console, if required. Low batteries are often the cause for weak reception.
  • Check your Time Zone Setting. Make sure your time zone is set properly in the display console settings. All times zones in the USA are negative. It is very common for the customer to enter 6 instead of -6 for example.Here is a list of Time Zones:
    Hours from GMT Time Zone Cities
    -12 IDLW: International Date Line West
    -11 NT: Nome Nome, AK
    -10 AHST: Alaska-Hawaii Standard
    CAT: Central Alaska
    HST: Hawaii Standard
    Honolulu, HI
    -9 YST:  Yukon Standard Yukon Territory
    -8 PST: Pacific Standard Los Angeles, CA, USA
    -7 MST: Mountain Standard Denver, CO, USA
    -6 CST: Central Standard Chicago, IL, USA
    -5 EST: Eastern Standard New York, NY, USA
    -4 AST: Atlantic Standard Caracas
    -3 São Paulo, Brazil
    -2 AT: Azores Azores, Cape Verde Islands
    -1 WAT: West Africa
    0 GMT: Greenwich Mean
    WET: Western European
    London, England
    1 CET: Central European Paris, France
    2 EET: Eastern European Athens, Greece
    3 BT: Baghdad Moscow, Russia
    4 Abu Dhabi, UAE
    5 Tashkent
    6 Astana
    7 Bangkok
    8 CCT: China Coast Bejing
    9 JST: Japan Standard Tokyo
    10 GST: Guam Standard Sydney
    11 Magadan
    12 IDLE: International Date Line East
    NZST: New Zealand Standard
    Wellington, New Zealand