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How Do I Connect The WS-8482 To WiFi And The Internet?


The User Manual shows in detail how to connect your console to your WiFi router and the Internet, and here are the basic instructions:

  1. Press and hold the WI-FI / SENSOR button on the back of the console, for six seconds or more, the console green LED will flash. Make sure it is flashing green and not blue.

    If it is flashing  blue, you did not hold the button long enough.

  2. Use your smart phone, tablet, or computer to connect to the console through WiFi. Note that when the console programming is complete, you will resume your default WiFi connection. Note that you cannot connect two devices at the same time when programming.
  3.  Once connected, enter the following IP address into any browser’s address bar:


    to access the console’s web interface:

    Note: Some browsers will treat as a search, so make sure you include the header http://, or: not

  4. Enter the following information into the web interface. Make sure all of the information is entered prior to selecting Apply. If you choose not to use or, leave the check boxes unchecked.

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