Ambient Weather Support

Sensor Array Not Communicating To The Display Console Or Intermittent, Observer Series.

If the sensor array is not communicating to the console, or loses communication on cloudy days or night:

  1. Replace the batteries. We recommend Lithium Energizer Ultimate Batteries. Please read the following:
    My Rechargeable Batteries No Longer Work. Which Batteries Are Recommended For My Weather Station?
  2. The LED on the bottom of the sensor array (next to the sensor mounting point) should flash once every 14 seconds.  If it does not, the sensor array needs replacing.
  3. If the light stays on all of the time, the sensor array needs replacing.
  4. If the sensor array is flashing, place the sensor array about 10 feet from the console, and power down and up the console by removing and reinserting the AC adapter. If the problem persists, the sensor array needs replacing.
  5. We have a one year warranty.
    Please visit:
  6. If out of warranty, the sensor array can be replaced here: