Ambient Weather Support

Humidity And Dew Point Is Inaccurate, Observer Series

If the Humidity and resultant Dew Point is inaccurate,  the sensor array will need calibrating or replacing.

  1. The hygrometer can be calibrated from the display console or Observer IP Module if it is off by a small amount. Reference the User Manual for details on calibration.
  2. Here is a guide on testing the hygrometer accuracy:

    How Can I Test The Accuracy Of My Hygrometer (Humidity Calibration)?

  3. If the humidity error is excessive, the sensor array will need replacing. We have a one year warranty. Visit:
  4. For out of warranty sensor replacement, please visit:
    The new WS-1002-ARRAY sensor array replacement includes a longer life digital sensor. Earlier models (WS-1000, WS-1001, WS-1200, WS-1400) used analog sensors.