Ambient Weather Support

Does Not Report To AmbientWeather.Net. Works With Wunderground.Com, Observer Series.

    1. If used to work and then stopped,  power down and up your display console. It may be related to a DNS server change.
    2. Make sure you are running firmware Version 2.4.1 or greater. Visit:
      for the latest firmware download and instructions.
    3. To view the current firmware you are running, press the Tools icon  button four times, until you get to the Factory Panel.  Select the down button  until About Display is highlighted in green. Press the plus  button and look for Firmware revision number.
    4. Check the Weather Server panel and make sure a schedule is set and your MAC address matches the MAC address you registered on

      To view the Weather Server panel,  press the Tools icon  to go to the Setup panel.   Select the down button  until Weather Server Setup  is highlighted in green.   Press the plus  button to view the timer and MAC.
    5. Double check the MAC address exactly matches between what is entered on the
      My Devices panel: