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What Are The Differences Between The WS-1002-WiFi And WS-1201-IP?

The WS-1002-WiFi connects to the Internet via WiFi. The WS-1201-IP connect to the Internet via LAN with the IP Module.

With the WS-1201-IP, the console is independent of the ObserverIP module and both devices receive signals from the indoor and outdoor sensors.

The advantages of the WS-1201-IP as as follows:

  • Sensor array communicates directly to both the display console and ObseverIP Module, eliminating idiosyncrasies with a shared WiFi network.
  • Color display console can be placed anywhere for viewing real time conditions.

The advantages of the WS-1002-WiFi are as follows:

  • Dual wireless technology (RF and WiFi) extends the overall range between the sensor array and your WiFi router.
  • Ideal for networks where only WiFi is available (no ethernet connection).
  • Works with EasyWeather Software (Mac or PC) over your Local Area Network.