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WS-8482: How To Reset The Console And Sensor

WS-8482 Console and TX-3110B Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer sensor

WS-8482: How to reset the Console and Sensor:

To reset the TX-3110B Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer sensor please follow the steps below:

1.The WS-8482 supports seven wireless channels. If you have one sensor, leave the transmitter channel at Channel 1. If you have more than one sensor, set the appropriate channel, then power down and up the sensor (by removing and reinserting batteries).

Remote Sensor

2.Remove the batteries then check the terminals for any corrosion. Clean if dirty. Reinsert fresh lithium batteries, then press the RESET button (#4 in the image above). The LED Light (#1) will blink about once per minute. If the LED does not blink immediately after pressing the reset button, there may be a problem with low batteries or the sensor.

3. If the LED does not blink once per minute, replace the batteries with fresh high quality non-rechargeable batteries. We recommend Energizer Lithium Ultimate because of the wide temperature range and the battery chemistry (see article below). If the problem persists, the sensor will need replacing.

4.Make sure that the display console is showing the appropriate channel. For example, if you have only one sensor (Channel 1), makes sure the console is displaying Channel 1. To change the Channel number on the console, reference the Figure below (#3):



To Reset the WS-8482 console please follow the steps below:

  1. Press the reset button (#15 in the image below) , on the back of the console, for 5 seconds.

Press the Reset Button for 5 Seconds



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