Ambient Weather Support

My Pool And Spa Temperature Appears To Read Too High.

Your pool has a significant temperature gradient as a function of depth, particularly when the pool is exposed to direct sunlight. The pool temperature tends to decrease as a function of depth.

To test the accuracy of the sensor, remove it from the pool and set the floating pool and spa thermometer next to the display console. Allow it to stabilize for a couple of hours.

If you are comparing this temperature to another thermometer in your pool, you can place this thermometer next to the floating pool and spa thermometer as well.

The indoor and outdoor temperature should agree within the specified accuracy, +/- 2 degF.

If the sensor is out of specification, we have  a one year warranty. To replace under warranty, please visit:

If out of warranty, the floating pool and spa thermometer can be replaced here:


Note that most consoles include a calibration feature that allow you to calibrate the temperature sensor to a known source.