Ambient Weather Support

Time Did Not Change To Daylight Savings Time

To set DST to on, you must be in the Time Set Mode.

Press the menu key to enter the TIME Set Mode. You can skip over any setting by selecting the enter key.

  1. Display (LCD) Contrast Level. The display contrast value will begin flashing (example, lcd0 thru lcd8). The lowest LCD contrast level 0 and the highest LCD contrast level is 8.

    Press the up key or down key to adjust the contrast level from 0 to 8 (the default is 5).

  2. Time Zone. Press the enter key to display the time zone. The time zone value will begin flashing.

    Press the up key or down key to adjust the time zone from -12 to 12, based on the number of hours from Coordinated Universal Time, or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

  3. 12/24 Hour Format. Press the enter key to change the 12/24 hour format.  Press the up key or down key to alternate the display unit between 12 hour format and 24 hour format.
  4. Daylight Saving Time. Press the enter key to turn ON and OFF daylight savings time (DST) observance (example, Arizona and parts of Indiana do not observe daylight savings time).  Press the on/off key to alternate the display unit between ON and OFF.

    Note – the on/off key is on the bottom and doubles are the alarm key .

  5. Wait 24-72 hours for the time to correct itself for DST.