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Channel 2 Does Not Report To The Console.

If you own more than one sensor, make sure the first sensor is on Channel 1 and the second sensor is on Channel 2.

To set the dip switches, please reference:

How Do I Set The Channel Number Using The Dip Switches In The Sensor?

Next, place all remote sensors about 10′ from the console, and then power down and up the display console. Do not touch any buttons for several minutes, until the search icon  on the display turns off.

If the problem persists, change the channel 2 sensor to channel 1 and visa versa (switch both sensor channels) and repeat the process above. Does the problem follow the sensor, or does it remain on channel 2?

If the sensor problem remains on Channel 2, the console will need to be replaced.

If the sensor problem moves to Channel 1, the sensor will need to be replaced.

We have a one year warranty. To replace under warranty, please visit: