Ambient Weather Support

Rain Total Reads 3936 Inches Or 19999 Mm.

If the rain suddenly jumps to 3936 inches, then the sensor array needs resetting. This is due to a misalignment of rainfall base value between the sensor array and console caused by the reset process.  This is possible when rain gauge are reset/interrupted in middle of operation.

  1. Press the RESET button on the sensor array (#7 below):



  2. Press (do not hold) the SENSOR (#17 below) button on the back of console to establish link with the sensor array (this is optional – the sensor array should automatically sync up:
  3. After the sensor array has linked to console, press the RESET button (#19, above) on the back of console.  The screen will go blank and the  clock date and time will reset, so the rainfall base value reset.
  4. The console will connect back to his WiFi router automatically  (you will see the time and date synchronize correctly).
  5. The sensor array will link back to console automatically (if not repeat #2 above).