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Floating Pool & Spa Thermometer Loses Reception (Check Placement And Perform Resets)

Floating Pool & Spa Thermometer loses reception


  1. Sensor placement is important, since the wireless signal cannot pass through Earth or ground.  Tethering the sensor to the side of the pool that is line of sight to the sensor is recommended:
  2. Keep the console away from any electronic radiating sources, like phones, TVs and computers.
  3. If the sensor(s) have stopped communicating to your console,  it may be as simple as placing the remote(s) (powered up) about 10 feet away from the console, power down and up the console by removing one or more batteries, disconnecting from AC power (if applicable), wait 30 seconds, and put the batteries back in, then wait several minutes to resync. DO NOT TOUCH ANY BUTTONS and look for the search icon. Wait until the search icon turns off before pressing any buttons.If you have more than one sensor, make sure they are programmed to transmit on different channels.
  4.  Here are some general guides on interferance:
  5. Still no communication press the reset button on the inside of the lid:
  6. If the problem persists, we have a one year warranty: To replace out of warranty:F007PF: