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How Do I Calibrate Temperature, WS-10?

Prior to entering the calibration mode, press the CHANNEL/+ button to select the temperature you wish to adjust.

To enter the temperature calibration mode, press and hold the ALARM/ADJUST and CHANNEL/+  buttons at the same time for 5 seconds and the temperature value will begin flashing. Press the CHANNEL/+ button to increase the temperature and the MIN/MAX/- button to decrease the temperature reading in 0.1° increments. To rapidly increase (or decrease) the temperature reading, press and hold the CHANNEL/+ or MINMAX/- button.

To return the temperature to the actual or uncalibrated measurement, press the ADJUST button.

One the displayed temperature equals the calibrated source, press and hold the ADJUST button for three seconds, or wait 15 seconds for timeout, and the temperature value will stop flashing.

Reference the following Help Guide on Temperature Calibration Sources:

How Do I Calibrate Temperature?


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