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AmbientCamHD And AmbientCamHDA Download Center

AmbientCamHD and AmbientCamHDA Download Center

Please save the IP Camera Tool to your computer. You can find the camera’s IP address automatically when you plug the camera into your router.
AmbientCamHD IP Camera Search Tool for PC

AmbientCamHD IP Camera Search Tool for Mac

CD Contents:

AmbientCamHD Quick Start Guide
AmbientCamHD User Manual
AmbientCamHD IP Search Tool
AmbientCamHD Central Management Software
AmbientCamHD Smart Phone App


Version released 7/7/2016:

1. Fixes Daylight Savings Bug.


1. Download the patch to your computer.
2. Login to the camera and select Settings | System | Patch Installation
3. Select the Choose File button, and browse to the patch file you saved to your computer.
4. Select the Install Patch button.
5. The camera will reboot after two minutes, and the patch installation is complete.