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How Do I Reset my WS-2902/WS-2000 Outdoor Sensor Array?

  • Cover the solar collector to shut of the solar energy source.
  • Remove the batteries.
  • Let sit until the red LED on the bottom goes out showing you had drained the solar capacitor
  • Press the reset button (#10, below) for a full minute with a pointed object, such as a pen tip:

  • Reinsert fresh batteries
  • Uncover the solar collector.
  • LED(#11) should flash once per 16 seconds. If it is not flashing, the sensor array must be replaced.
  • Power down and up the console to resync(Remove batteries and AC Adapter then reinsert)
  • May take a few minutes for the outside array information to display on the console.


We also have a video which you can watch to walk you through the reset.

HOW TO: Reset Your WS-2902C Array

If the weather station array is not communicating properly with the indoor console AFTER performing ALL of the steps above, then the outdoor sensor array OR individual sensor/sensors will need to be replaced.