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How do I find the MAC address for a WS-1965?

If your console did not come with the MAC address on a sticker on the back of the console, there are 2 other ways of finding the MAC address. In the console settings with the mode button and via the Web GUI

Via the Mode Button


On the console press the mode button on the side of the console 6 times. It will then show the MAC address on the console display. It will be the first set of numbers left to right that are on the display. 

Via the Web GUI

To acccess the Web GUI you first press and hold the Temp and Rain buttons together on the console for 5-10 seconds.


The console will then flash the wifi icon by time and date.


Then on your phone, tablet or computer go to settings, and then the wifi networks. Select the consoles access point. It will start with WN1965B-WIFI


It will say connected without wifi or no internet or sometimes it will checkmark. After that you open a web browser and type into the web address bar If it pops up a screen that say login, use Admin for the username, make sure the password is blank, then click the login button.


It will then let you access the Web GUI. On the left click on Local Network.

It will then show you the MAC address for the console