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Ambient Weather WS-5000 Cellular Ultrasonic Professional Smart Weather Station & Thermo Hygrometer for

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The WS-5000 cellular package bundles Ambient's Ultrasonic anemometer and a complete set of weather sensors with a solar powered cellular gateway that can be used anywhere in the U.S. without AC power or WiFi coverage. Complete 5 simple steps and your station will soon be reporting to The cellular gateway has a micro SD card slot allowing the export of time stamped logs for Temperature (°F), Humidity (%), Dew Point (°F), Feels Like (°F), Wind (mph), Gust (mph), Wind Direction (°), ABS Barometer (inHg), REL Barometer (inHg), Solar Rad. (lux), UV Index, Rain Rate (in/h), Event Rain (in), Daily Rain (in), Weekly Rain (in), Monthly Rain (in), Yearly Rain (in) and more for advanced data analysis in Excel.

Ultrasonic Sensor Array

The wireless sensor array features a pagoda thermo-hygrometer radiation shield with passive aspiration for the upmost accuracy, a bubble level for plumb installation, and a solar panel.

It connects to the console via RF (915 MHz) up to 1000 feet line of sight in open air (300 feet under most conditions). The wireless signal will not pass through solid metal, earth, or ground.

The sensor array mounts to any pole between 1.25 and 2" diameter with adaptive mounting bracket and U-Bolt design that can be tightened to your mounting pole (not included).

Extra Large Rain Cup

The extra-large rain cup ensures better accuracy. Since the sensor is wireless, it can be placed close to the ground, and the removable lid makes for easy service and maintenance.

An optional, Indoor Thermo-Hygrometer-Barometer

The WH32B indoor sensor will monitor temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

  • COMPLETE CELLULAR WEATHER STATION PACKAGE: (1) Ultrasonic Sensor Array, (1) Rain Cup, (1) and (1) Solar Powered Cellular Gateway
  • ALL-IN-ONE SENSOR ARRAY: No moving parts, fast and easy set-up, and real-time updates to weather conditions every five seconds.
  • JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Connect to Ambient Weather Network [hyperlink if allowed:] to customize your dashboard tiles, share hyperlocal weather conditions via social feeds and create your own forecasts (coming soon).

Weather Station Features

  • Complete set of parameters written to SD card: Time, Indoor Temperature(F), Indoor Humidity(%), Outdoor Temperature(F), Outdoor Humidity(%), Dew Point(F), Wind Chill(F), Heat Index(F), ABS Pressure(inhg), REL Pressure(inhg), Wind(mph), Gust(mph), Wind Direction(deg), Rain Event(in), Rain Rate(in/h), Hour Rain(in), Daily Rain(in), Weekly Rain(in), Monthly Rain(in), Yearly Rain(in), Total Rain(in), Solar Rad(w/m2), UVI, Soilmoisture(%), PM2.5(ug/m3)

Ambient Weather User Manuals

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