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Boothwyn, PA - January 1, 2024

Ambient Weather® Unveils the AWN Weather Window™ Display for Home Monitoring and Outdoor Enthusiasts at CES 2024

View your backyard forecast, wind at your favorite beach, and even UV Index at your park all on one beautiful, connected display.

Ambient Weather Network® (AWN), an interactive personal weather station network, announces the debut of the first AWN hardware product, the Weather Window, at CES 2024. The Weather Window revolutionizes how consumers engage with weather data, providing a seamless, comprehensive view of all your weather information in one user-friendly interface. View live demos as booth # 50729 at CES 2024, in Las Vegas, NV.

All Your Weather, In One Window

The AWN Weather Window introduces a simple and intuitive grid layout, bringing together data from multiple sources including your personal dashboard and any publicly available AWN station. The Weather Window puts all your weather, in one window. This cutting-edge device provides users with a holistic view on various weather metrics, from over 180K public stations to choose from. You can create a custom weather screen with conditions near the places that matter most to you. If you own an Ambient Weather Station or KestrelMet 6000 Weather Station you can add data from your stations to your layout.

Key Features of the Weather Window:

  • AWN Data Integration: Access any data from your AWN Personal Weather Station Dashboard.
  • View Public Station Data: Choose from over 180,000 AWN Public Weather Stations, including NOAA stations, to get parameters in virtually any location.
  • Weather Camera View: Enjoy a current image from your AWN Weather Camera or public AWN Weather Camera with a 1-minute refresh rate.
  • Comprehensive Forecasts: Receive hourly, daily, and 10-day forecast data tailored to your location.
  • Device Management: Customize your Weather Window through your AWN account, with four pre-designed templates for personalized data presentation.
  • Simple Setup and Free to Use: No subscriptions or fees required. Simply turn it on and follow the instructions to link to your AWN account.

No Weather Station? No Problem!

While the Weather Window can be integrated with your existing AWN Personal Weather Station Dashboard, it also functions as a standalone device. Even without a weather station, users can access a wealth of data from AWN Public Stations, ensuring everyone can benefit from this advanced customizable weather display.

"As we enter a new era of weather technology, Ambient Weather Network continues to innovate and redefine the way individuals interact with weather data," says Chuck Arkell, CEO at Nielsen-Kellerman, parent company of Ambient Weather. "The Weather Window is a testament to our commitment to providing users with a consolidated, user-friendly platform to stay informed about the weather conditions that matter most to them."

Experience the AWN Weather Window firsthand at CES 2024, where Ambient Weather will be showcasing its latest product alongside industry leaders and innovators. For more information visit:

Contact: Jackie Fitzpatrick
Nielsen-Kellerman Company

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