The Best Weather Stations for Apartment Living

Imagine having the power to keep tabs on your indoor and outdoor conditions, get alerts for leaks and air quality, monitor your fridge and freezer temperature, and even track the soil moisture of that Fiddle Leaf Fig you've been neglecting—all from your apartment. With Ambient Weather, you can do all this without the hassle of setting up an outdoor array or needing a backyard. Designed with apartment living in mind, our stations blend function with compactness, making it easy to create a smart home system. Sensors placed strategically around your apartment will make your living space more comfortable, safer, and healthier. Here are some of the best weather stations that are perfect for apartment dwellers.

Ambient Weather WS-1938

WS-1938 Ambient Weather Station:

The Tiny Meteorologist

The WS-1938 is a compact, colorful display with built-in CO2 monitoring, designed to fit seamlessly into your apartment's decor. It includes a wireless WH31E Temperature and Humidity Sensor for accurate outdoor readings and customizable alerts via the free AWN App. Expand your home monitoring with up to 11 different sensor models, including air quality and leak detection.

Ambient Weather AWN Weather Window

AWN Weather Window:

The Modern Meteorologist

The Weather Window displays all the weather you care about in one window without needing any sensors or arrays! This functional décor is designed to fit perfectly into an apartment setting. Whether it's the temperature at the dog park, the forecast at your work, or even the wind at your favorite beach, the Weather Window allows you to view data from multiple AWN public weather stations on one screen.

Ambient Weather WS-3000

WS-3000 Ambient Weather Station:

The Temp-Tracking Titan

The WS-3000 is perfect for monitoring temperature and humidity changes across your apartment. Connect multiple WH31E Temperature and Humidity sensors for comprehensive insights and graphical representations of your indoor or outdoor conditions on a compact display. Log data over time to optimize your home's environment.

Ambient Weather Sensors and Weather Hub

Weather Hub + Indoor Sensors:

The App-Savvy Weather Watcher

The Weather Hub system offers modular, expandable weather monitoring tailored to your apartment. Access data remotely via the free AWN app, with no display needed. Customize your setup with temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors in different rooms. Receive smart alerts for specific conditions and enjoy easy installation without the hassle of a display.