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Ambient Weather WS-2902-ARRAY
Ambient Weather WS-5000-ARRAY


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WS-2902 Array

The WS-2902 array measures wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, outdoor temperature and humidity, solar radiation and UV. The weather station also calculates dew point, wind chill and heat index. The enhanced Wi-Fi connectable option enables the station to transmit its data wirelessly to the internet.

The sensor array connects to the console via RF (915 MHz). Line of sight wireless sensor array RF transmission (in open air): 330 feet, 100 feet under most conditions. A wireless signal will not pass through solid metal, earth or ground. Update interval: 16 seconds.

The WS-2902 sensor array bracket easily mounts to any pole (not included) between 1.25" and 2" (31.75mm - 50.8mm) diameter. Array dimensions: 15" x 11" x 10"

WS-5000 Array

The WS-5000 array measures wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, outdoor temperature and humidity. The station also measures UV and solar radiation.

The integrated thermo-hygrometer sensor includes a passive radiation shield design that results in accurate temperature and humidity with little to no wind.

The sensor array features an ultrasonic anemometer to measure wind speed and direction with no moving parts for improved service life. The pagoda thermo-hygrometer radiation shield with passive aspiration for the upmost accuracy, a bubble level for plumb installation, and a solar panel. The extra-large rain cup ensures better accuracy. Since the sensor is wireless, it can be placed close to the ground, and the removable lid makes it easy for service and maintain.

Like the WS-2902, the WS-5000 sensor array bracket easily mounts to any pole (not included) between 1.25" and 2" (31.75mm - 50.8mm) diameter. Array dimensions: 14" x 12" x 0.6"

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WS-2902C Console

The WS-2902c Console features a brilliant, easy-to-read LCD color display.

The weather station console features two levels of wireless connectivity. The sensor array connects to the console via RF (915 MHz), and the console connects to your router (2.4 GHz).

Ambient Weather 2902C Console

Console power specifications: 5V DC Adaptor (included), Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts (1.25 watts during Wi-Fi configuration mode). 3 x AAA back up batteries (not included).

Console dimensions: 7.50" x 4.50" x 0.75"

WS-5000 Console

The WS-5000 Console features a high-definition, full-color TFT LCD display that is easy to read, day or night, and includes a light and dark-colored background.

The console receives wireless wind speed, direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity, UV, and Solar Radiation from the outdoor sensor array. It also receives barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature from the included WH32B indoor sensor. The brilliant, dynamic color tablet combines measured parameters with calculated data, such as 'Feels Like' Temperature (Wind Chill and Heat Index), Dew Point, 10 Minute Wind Speed and Direction, Sunrise, Sunset, Moon Phase, Forecast, and more.

The multi-screen display also includes NIST internet time server synchronization, imperial and metric units of measure, high and low alarm conditions with an audible alert, calibration of all major parameters, and real-time internet weather publishing.

The attractively thin desktop display is also wall mountable. It includes an AC adapter and features automatically controlled brightness settings based on time of day.

WS-5000 Console

Console dimensions: 7.75" x 5.75" x 0.75"

Compare Mounting Options

For flat roofs or at ground level:

EZ-48 Weather Station Tripod and Mast Assembly

Easiest option to set-up or take-down; most portable.

EZ-NPP Tripod and Mast Assembly with Platform

Best option when you need to stabilize the platform with weights, sandbags, etc.

For pitched surface roofs:

WeatherMount Weather Station Mount

Most versatile- can be mounted on a pitched or vertical surface; slender design

EZ-30-12 Stable Gable Mounting Kit with Mast

Extremely stable, well suited to vertical wall, eave or fence.

EZ-29-24 Chimney Mounting Kit with Mast

Designed specifically for mounting to chimneys.

For mounting to an existing pole, antenna, flagpole etc.:

EZ2-35W2MC Pole Mounting Kit

Features galvanized steel tubing; six 14" increments for adjustable height

EZ-HD-PTP-125 Heavy Duty Mast to Mast Mounting Kit w/ Pole

Sturdiest option for pole-to-pole connection; features 35" mast extension and three 14” increments.

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