Ambient Weather WS-2700 Advanced Wireless Weather Station - CONSOLE ONLY

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The WS-2700 advanced weather center measures barometric pressure, temperature and humidity levels indoors and outside, and shows daily weather forecasts that help you prepare for the weather. The main display receives temperature and humidity data from the included wireless remote sensor and supports up to three wireless sensors. The attractively thin console displays data in an easy-to-read format on a large LCD. The unit can be placed on a desktop or mounted to a wall.

The remote wireless sensor transmits up to 300 feet line of sight (100 feet under most conditions) and includes its own LCD display, so the temperature and humidity can be read in both locations. Install the sensor to report on conditions in a greenhouse, garage, wine cellar, or baby’s room- places where you’d like to monitor proper temperature and humidity levels.

The WS-2700 monitors indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, outdoor dew point, as well as barometric pressure (both sea-level and measured), and features a rate of change indicator. The handy forecast icons let you know at a glance if it’s going to be rainy, cloudy, or sunny based on barometric pressure trends. Other features include min and max that resets daily or manually, barometric pressure trend arrow, and moon phase.

Equipped with an atomic clock, time is set automatically via radio and in sync with the U.S. atomic clock for utmost accuracy. The clock also features an alarm with snooze and temporary back light for nighttime viewing.

Special Note:
The backlight requires AC power to operate. The batteries are intended for back-up power only. The backlight will remain on for 5 seconds when on battery power only. The backlight will stay on if you use the AC adapter (optional).

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