Introducing the AWN Weather Window: Your Personalized Weather Display

Introducing the AWN Weather Window: Your Personalized Weather Display

Are you tired of juggling between different weather apps to get the information you care about? Ambient Weather Network™ (AWN) has just launched the perfect solution for you – the AWN Weather Window. Whether you already own an Ambient Weather station or simply want a dedicated display for comprehensive weather updates, Weather Window is here to make your life easier.

A Window to Your World

Imagine having all your weather data displayed in one window – that's the magic of the AWN Weather Window. This sleek, Wi-Fi-enabled device features a vibrant LCD that effortlessly lets you mix and match personalized weather information from your personal weather station dashboards and any public AWN dashboards. The result? A hassle-free, at-a-glance view of the weather that matters most to you.

No Weather Station? No Problem!

One of the standout features of the Weather Window is its versatility. While it seamlessly integrates with your AWN Personal Weather Station Dashboard, it can also function as a standalone device. If you don't own a weather station, no worries – you can still access and enjoy data from over 130K Public Weather Stations on AWN, including NOAA! Whether it's your backyard forecast, the wind at your favorite beach, or the UV Index at your dog park, you can see it all in one window.

Features That Matter

1. All Your Weather, In One Window

You can customize your layout with data from your Ambient Weather or KestrelMet personal weather stations. It doesn't just stop at your personal weather data; you can also customize your grid with information from multiple AWN Public Weather Stations. Plus, enjoy a static image from your weather camera or any public weather camera with a 1-minute refresh rate – keeping you visually connected to your environment.

2. In-Depth Forecasting

Stay ahead of the weather with hourly, daily, and 10-day forecast data tailored to your location. Whether you're planning outdoor activities or want to know what to expect in the coming week, the Weather Window offers a convenient and accurate forecast right on your display. You can also set your Weather Window background to change with the current forecast!

3. Free Device Management and Customization

Customize your Weather Window effortlessly through your AWN account. With four pre-designed templates, you can choose the layout that suits you best. You can also choose from light and dark modes and a dynamic background that changes with your weather forecast. Manage your device settings, all from the convenience of your AWN account – and no subscriptions are involved. It is entirely free, from creating your AWN account to customizing your layout.

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can set up the Weather Window anywhere in your home with Wi-Fi coverage. No need to worry about proximity to other Ambient Weather devices – this standalone device connects seamlessly to keep you informed as long as you are in Wi-Fi range.

The AWN Weather Window is not just a weather display – it's a personalized weather dashboard tailored to your preferences. Its user-friendly design, versatile features, and the ability to be a standalone device make it the perfect addition for Ambient Weather station owners and those who want a dedicated weather display. And it makes a great gift! Shop the AWN Weather Window now -