Ambient Weather WM-5 Handheld Weather Station w/ Windspeed, Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Heat Index, Pressure & Altitude

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The Ambient Weather WM-5 allows you to track weather in the palm of your hand! Radio/TV reports cover a large area, but WM-5's data is specific to your location.

Unlike other units, the jackknife case gives you the most accurate measurements--your hand's heat/moisture won't influence the environmental sensors. The Honeywell humidity sensor and the Swiss-made barometer can be easily re-calibrated and the unit has a weather alert if the barometric pressure rises or falls 6 millibars over 3-hrs.

The WM-5 can be tripod mounted using the optional tripod mounting fixture. WM-5 wind meters are designed with a wind speed accuracy of better than +/- 3% and have a 2-Year warranty.

Weather Features

  • Dew Point

  • Heat Index

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

  • Wind Speed



  • Windspeed (Current, Avg, & Max)
  • Temp w/ Windchill & Heat Index
  • Relative Humidity w/ Dewpoint
  • Barometric Pressure & 16-Hr History Bar Graph
  • Storm Audio Alarm
  • Altitude
  • Pocket-knife design
  • Replaceable 400 hour battery
  • Replaceable plastic impeller won't corrode
  • Comes with lanyard
  • Threaded for tripod mounting
  • High visibility case
  • Floats
  • Water resistant to 4"



Windspeed: ± 3%

Temp/Windchill: ± 2 F°

rH: ± 3%

Dew Point: ± 3°F

Heat Index: ± 3°F

Barometric Pressure: ± 3 hpa


Wind: .4-89 MPH

Windchill: -22° to +158°F

Dew Point: -31.2° to +155.8°F

Heat Index: +69.8 to +155.8°F

rH: 0-99%

Barometer: 400-1100 hpa

Altitude: -650 to 9000 feet

Temp: +32° to +122°F

(Measurements may be taken beyond the limits of the operational temperature range of the display and batteries by maintaining the unit within the operational range and then exposing it to the more extreme environment for the minimum time necessary to take a reading.)


Optional Units: Knots, MPH, KPH, M/Sec, Ft/Min, Beaufort Scale - F or C

Response Times: Current Windspeed; Ave. over 2 sec; Ave. Wind 5 sec; Max Wind 2 sec gust; Temp/windchill/rH/dew point 1 min; 15 min sampling Barometer

Power requirements: CR2032 Lithium battery (included)

Measures: 5.9 x 2.1 x .85 inches

Weighs: 3.9 oz

Product Support Questions

If the display does not exit calibration mode and the icon BAT is displayed, the battery needs replacing. Refer to the User Manual for replacing the battery.

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How Do I calibrate the RH/Humidity for my WM-5?


First, locate the calibration sticker that was supplied with your WM-5. It will have two numbers displayed. You will need to calibrate your unit to these numbers. With the unit on, press and hold the on/off button for 10 seconds. The display will turn off and then back on, displaying the number 700.

Enter the first voltage input number into this screen by pressing the mode button to scroll up (omitting the decimal). Note: When in humidity calibration mode, the mode button only scrolls up, not down, so it is important that you do not miss the number you are entering. When finished, press the on/off button again, you will see the number 3000 

Enter the second voltage input number  using the same procedure as before. To store the changes, press the on/off button. The unit will then shut off with the new values stored internally. NOTE: Each unit has unique voltage input numbers. It is crucial that you do not lose your instrument’s numbers.

If you lose the voltage input number you can enter these values.



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