WS-1938 Wi-Fi Home Weather Station with CO2 Monitoring


Easily monitor indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, and CO2 without needing an outdoor array. The WS-1938 features a sleek console that measures locally for comprehensive data at your fingertips, while the WH31E sensor can be placed indoors or outdoors for hyper-local temperature and humidity readings. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you track and monitor your weather data on the Ambient Weather Network.

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Experience the convenience of the WS-1938, a home monitoring system that delivers real-time insights into your surroundings without needing an outdoor array. Tailored for apartments, high-rises, renters, and homeowners who prefer a hassle-free setup, this product eliminates the complexities associated with outdoor arrays. Featuring a sleek console that locally measures indoor temperature, humidity, and CO2, the WS-1938 provides advanced monitoring capabilities without occupying valuable space in your living or working area. Enhancing its capabilities, the WH31E sensor can be placed indoors or outdoors, offering hyper-local temperature and humidity readings.


The WS-1938 supports the following optional sensors:

  • 8 WH31E Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • 8 WH31P Waterproof Probe Temperature Sensors
  • 8 WH31PF Pool Float Sensors
  • 8 WH31SM Soil Moisture Sensors
  • 4 WH31LA Leak Alerts
  • 2 Air Quality Sensors (PM25, PM25IN or AQIN)
  • WH31L Lightning Sensor

The WH31E, WH31P, and WH31PF share the same eight total channels and display on the console. The additional sensor models do not display on the console but pass through to the Ambient Weather Network and can be viewed on your online dashboard.

The Ambient Weather Network

The Ambient Weather Network is a powerful weather platform that lets you observe real-time hyperlocal weather, customize your own personal dashboard of weather "tiles" from your station feed, and share details of your weather socially, all for free. Download the Ambient Weather app on the iOS Store or Google Play, or visit to get started.

Weather Features

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

Weather Services

  • Ambient Weather Network

  • Weather Underground

  • PWS Weather

  • Amazon Alexa


  • API

See all of the services that this can work with.

Additional Features

  • Console measures indoor temperature, humidity, and CO2 (Battery power only, up to 6 months)
  • Supports both imperial and metric units of measure
  • 915 MHz RF wireless transmission with a 300' line of sight range (100' under most conditions, with the exception of metal barriers)
  • 16-second real-time updates on the console
  • 60-second updates on the internet
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi internet two-way communication
  • Calibration for all measured parameters
  • NIST time synchronization from the internet
  • Calendar (Month/date,2016-2099 Default Year 2016)
  • Quartz Time (hour/minute) and Auto DST
  • High/Low/Off backlight control (w/ AC adapter)
  • Min/Max for all parameters on the display at all time
  • Low battery indicators

Weather Specifications


Temperature Range: 32˚F to + 122 °F

Temperature Accuracy: ± 2 °F

Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °F

Humidity Range: 10 to 99%

Humidity Accuracy: ± 5%

Humidity Resolution: 1 %

Other Specifications


Base station:AC adapter 5V DC 1A 110-240V 50-60 Hz

2 x AA battery backup, lithium non-rechargeable batteries recommended or alkaline (not included)

battery power only using WiFi mode expected battery life 5-6 months

Power Consumption:0.5 Watts (1.25 Watts during WiFi configuration mode)


Display Tablet Frame Dimensions (LxWxH):4.25" x 4.06" x 1.0"; w/ antenna up (LxWxH): 6.125" x 4.06" x 1.0"

Display Tablet LCD Dimensions (LxW): 3.75" x 3.125", digit height 3/8"


WiFi Specifications 802.11b/g/n

Line of sight WiFi RF transmission (in open air): 80 feet

WiFi Display Tablet RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz

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