The Best Weather Stations for Apartment Living

The Best Weather Stations for Apartment Living

Imagine having the power to keep tabs on your indoor and outdoor conditions, get alerts for leaks and air quality, monitor your fridge and freezer temperature, and even track the soil moisture of that Fiddle Leaf Fig you've been neglecting—all from your apartment. With Ambient Weather, you can do all this without the hassle of setting up an outdoor array or needing a backyard. Designed with apartment living in mind, our stations blend function with compactness, making it easy to create a smart home system. Sensors placed strategically around your apartment will make your living space more comfortable, safer, and healthier. Here are some of the best weather stations that are perfect for apartment dwellers.

WS-1938 Ambient Weather Station: The Tiny Meteorologist

The WS-1938 Ambient Weather Station with CO2 Monitoring is your pint-sized powerhouse, packed with features to keep you weather-aware while fitting snugly into your apartment's decor.

Why You'll Love It:
Compact Display: The colorful display with built-in CO2 monitoring allows you to view your essential measurements while leaving you with ample counter space.

Wireless Freedom: Place the included WH31E Temperature and Humidity Sensor outside your window or on your balcony for accurate outdoor readings.

Proactive Alerts: Customize alerts for temperature and humidity, air quality, leaks, and more, all in the free Ambient Weather Network App.

Maximum Sensor Add-Ons: This tiny but powerful station allows you to customize your home monitoring system with 11 different sensor models – Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Waterproof Probe Temperature Sensor, Pool Float, Soil Moisture Sensor, Leaf Wetness Sensor, Leak Detector, Refrigerator Freezer Sensor, Lightning Detector, Indoor PM2.5, Outdoor PM2.5 and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (PM2.5, PM10 and CO2).

Learn more about the WS-1938 Weather Station.

Weather Window: The Modern Meteorologist

The Weather Window displays all the weather you care about in one window without needing any sensors or arrays! Designed to fit perfectly into an apartment setting, it's functional decor that keeps you connected to the weather at all your favorite places.

Why You'll Love It:
Sleek Design: The modern, stylish look complements any apartment decor, acting as a functional tool and a conversation piece.

Customize with Multiple Places: Whether it's the temperature at the dog park, the forecast at your work, or even the wind at your favorite beach, the Weather Window allows you to choose data from multiple public weather stations on the Ambient Weather network, including government stations.

No Distractions, Just the Weather: View temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV index, rainfall, forecasts, and more – all at a glance.

Custom Themes: Choose from various display themes to match your personal style and mood.

Learn more about the AWN Weather Window.

WS-3000 Weather Station: The Temp-Tracking Titan

For those who want to monitor temperature and humidity changes across your apartment, the WS-3000 is everything you need.

Why You'll Love It:
Effortless Setup: Monitor multiple areas in and around your apartment effortlessly. Place batteries into all the sensors, set the dip switches for the desired channel and plug in the base station.

Flexible and Programmable Display: The display for all eight on-screen channels can be independently programmed to show temperature, humidity, and heat index for each channel or all at once in a scrolling view.

Local Display on Each Sensor: Each sensor comes with a local display, so you can check the temperature and relative humidity on-site without needing to return to the main unit.

Temperature, Humidity, and Heat Index Alarms: Set high and low alarms for temperature, relative humidity, and heat index for all eight channels.

Graphical Data History: Log data over time to optimize your home's environment. The WS-3000 graphs a history of up to eight WH31E sensors at once and can store years of history on an optional micro USB.

Learn more about the WS-3000 Weather Station.

Weather Hub Plus Indoor Sensors: The App Savy Weather Watcher

The Weather Hub system is the epitome of versatility for apartment living. Its displayless and expandable system pairs flexible sensor options with remote weather monitoring in the Ambient Weather Network app.

Why You'll Love It:
Remote Monitoring: No display required. Access your data remotely via the free AWN app, ensuring you stay informed no matter where you are.

Personalized Setup: The Weather Hub IP Module allows you to add sensors for temperature, humidity, and even air quality to different rooms, creating a custom setup that fits your needs.

Smart Alerts: Receive notifications for specific conditions, like high humidity in the bathroom or low temperature in the living room.

Easy Installation: Set up is a breeze, allowing you to place sensors wherever you need them without the hassle of a display or array!

Learn more about the Weather Hub.

Free One-Month Subscription to AWN+ with Ambient Weather Station Purchase

With your Ambient Weather Station purchase, you will also receive a free one-month subscription* to AWN+, which is our enhanced Ambient Weather Network experience. AWN+ goes beyond your standard account by adding key map layers like air quality, snow depth, fires, tropical cyclones, and river gauges. You will also receive Growing Degree Days (GDD), Heating Degree Days (HDD), and Cooling Degree Days (CDD) on your dashboard. Enjoy up to 10 customizable SMS alerts daily and a 10-day hourly forecast. Additionally, AWN+ gives you access to 3 years of your station's historical data for insightful analysis.

Learn more about AWN+.


Weather stations for apartment living have come a long way, offering a blend of style and functionality that fits perfectly into any space. Whether you opt for the WS-1938 Ambient Weather Station for its compact elegance, the WS-3000 Weather Station for its advanced features, the Weather Hub Plus for its customizable sensors, or the Weather Window for its aesthetic appeal, you can enhance your apartment living experience. Stay comfortable, informed, and stylish with these top weather stations tailored for apartment life.

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