Ambient Weather WH31SM Soil Moisture Sensor for WS-1965, WS-2000, WS-5000 Weather Stations

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Add up to 8 soil moisture sensors to your Ambient Weather WS-1965, WS-2000, and WS-5000 weather stations.

The soil moisture sensor measures moisture content in the soil, and transmits this information once per 72 seconds to the display console and our cloud service,

The information can then be accessed through the console, onliine dashboard, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and much more.

The sensor features a ceramic cap, which acts like a breathing filter for exchanging soil moisture to the internal sensor. This filter makes the sensor less sensitive to soil density (clay, sand, soil, potting soil, etc.).

The console software also allows for 2-point calibration to assure accuracy.

The sensor can be placed inside or around your home, and you can send email, text or IFTTT alerts when watering is required.

The sensor has a wireless range of 300 feet (100 meters) line of sight (100 feet under most conditions).


  • Measures soil moisture content every 71 seconds
  • Ceramic coated for more accurate measurement
  • Calibration for different soil types (WS-2000 and WS-5000 only)
  • Long wireless range, up to 300 feet (100 meters) line of sight (100 feet under most conditions)
  • Supports up to 8 channels
  • Soil Moisture Sensor Dimensions: 6" length x 3.5 width x 1" diameter
  • The WH31SM has a water resistance rating of IPX5 (can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray).

Note: You must update your firmware to the following versions:

  • Console Firmware Version 1.6.2 or greater
  • Wi-Fi Firmware Version 4.2.2 or greater

To upgrade the firmware, visit the WS-2000 Help Guide



Moisture range: 0 – 100%

Resolution: 1%

Operating Temperature: 14° - 122°F (-10° - 50°C)

IP66 waterproof sensor

Other Specifications

Power Consumption

Battery life: About one year.

1 x AA battery (not included). Alkaline or Lithium recommended

Wireless Specifications

Line of sight wireless sensor array RF transmission (in open air): 330 feet, 100 feet under most conditions

Update Rate: Outdoor Sensor: 71 seconds

RF Frequency: 915 MHz

Product Support Questions

How to re-register a sensor through the Sensor ID screen.


Enter Setup mode as shown below.

Select ‘SETUP’ to enter the MORE screen

Select ‘SETUP’ to enter the SENSOR ID screen

Select the Sensor ID next to the sensor you want to re-register. Example Lightning Sensor WH31L

Select ‘Disable’ to turn the sensor off

Select ‘REGISTER’ to re-register the sensor to the console

Return to the Home Screen to view the WH31L Lightning Sensor Data or whatever sensor you re-registerd
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To edit the label name on the console, select the Settings button , and then the down arrow  9 times until Multi Channel Sensor Setup is highlighted and press plus  to view the channel settings.

To edit the channel name, Press  or  key to select the channel name.  The name field will turn green.

Press the   key to view the keyboard, and enter the sensor name. Press   to scroll to the character and press   to select the character. Press ‘OK’ to save your newly labeled Sensor. Press   to return to the setup page.


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The soil sensor includes a silicon (sand-like) medium cap, which reduces the sensor sensitivity to different soil types, since the silicon is a “known medium”.

A 48 to 72-hour time period is required for the sensor to completely dry out from a completely saturated state when transferred from water and air.

When placed in soil, the soil moisture sensor responds faster, because moisture is transferred freely in a similar medium (dirt, soil) through osmosis, as opposed to air or water.

Product Manual

Product Page

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